Tissue Biorepository

To enhance our mission of conducting innovative and integrative basic and clinical research to confront the complex challenges of cancer, we have established a Biosample Repository to enable HCRI researchers to investigate the mechanistic basis of human cancers, to identify new therapeutic targets, and to assess novel biomarkers of disease incidence and/or progression. In collaboration with pathologists at The South Bend Medical Foundation and physicians at St. Joseph Health SystemsBeacon Medical Group, and other practices around the region, the Biosample Repository collects tissue samples and fluids (blood, urine, saliva, ascites) procured from patients with malignant disease or control populations. These tissue samples and biofluids will be distributed to HCRI investigators in a de-identified manner following application to and approval by the Tissue Use Committee. The Biosample Repository will serve as a centralized resource to procure, process, store and distribute biosamples to investigators associated with HCRI. For further information on tissue procurement and distribution, please contact HCRI Consent Coordinator Ms. Toni Page-Mayberry, tpagemay@nd.edu.

  • Harper Cancer Research Institute Biosample Repository.  Principal Investigator Dr. Sharon Stack.  Contact:  574-631-4100  
  • University of Notre Dame Institutional Review Board Approval protocol number:  17-05-3875