The Center for Health Sciences Advising

The Center for Health Sciences Advising in Jordan Hall provides assistance for Notre Dame students and alumni applying to all the human health professions schools. Applying to health professions schools, particularly medical school, has become far more complex with holistic reviews. In addition to strong academic preparation in the sciences, applicants are expected to have increased competencies in the social sciences.  Admissions committees are also looking for significant health experience, non-clinical service with vulnerable groups, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving skills, and resilience. As the expectations climb, the majority of successful applicants have taken one or more gap years to round out their experiences. The importance of clinical experience has presented challenges due to South Bend’s relatively small size and alumni health care professionals have stepped forward to provide vital mentoring.

As the process has evolved, the office has also changed. We start with information about preparing for health professions school with a detailed meeting during Welcome Weekend for the freshmen and transfer students, and their families. We have gone from the “Junior Meeting”  and  Junior Parents Weekend (JPW) presentations to teaching a once credit semester-long class related to preparing for the health professions along with the JPW. We have recently added YouTube videos on the Premed Minute providing an introduction to common issues surrounding preparation for a life in healthcare.  Each year over 400 ND students and alumni begin the process to prepare to apply for their health profession’s schools.  We still provide a Committee Letter and write approximately 300 3-4 page detailed letters per year.  We provide advising support for those who do not need committee letters. We are dedicated to our own continued education and adapting to the changing processes of health professions training. The office is committed to providing the best and most up-to-date preparation for Notre Dame students and graduates who make a difference in healthcare.