Zachary Schultz

Zachary Schultz

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Label-free biochemical detection and diagnostics

Research in the Schultz lab focuses on understanding how the spatial organization of molecules affects their behavior. Molecular organization in the plasma membrane plays an important role in regulating signal transduction, cell adhesion, intercellular communication. We are interested in understanding how the organization and composition of molecules in cells and tissue impact biomedical issues such as dysfunctional cellular pathways relevant to cancer and other disease, viral and bacterial infection, and drug delivery. These molecular interactions may occur on nanometer length scales or at low concentrations, which are problematic for existing techniques and necessitates the development of new methods.

We utilize and develop optical spectroscopies, including nonlinear spectroscopic methods, and spectroscopic imaging modalities for high sensitivity detection and high spatial resolution chemical imaging.  One of the methods we have substantial experience with is Raman near-field scanning optical microscopy, which is capable of label-free vibrational spectroscopic imaging with a spatial resolution of tens of nanometers.  Our instruments can investigate both transparent and optically opaque samples, providing nanoscale chemical information.   Additionally, we are developing plasmonic arrays to facilitate high sensitivity detection.   We have recently invented a chemical specific flow detector that we are using to identify metabolites and other biomolecules in a variety of applications.

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