Scott Howard

Scott Howard

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Biophotonics, optical biopsies, and 3D chemical specific tissue imaging

Prof. Howard's research focuses on how the interaction of photons and tissue can be used to aid diagnosis and fundamental research in biological fields. The group's work thus spans optoelectronic device development (e.g. QCLs) to be used as sources in systems, technique development (e.g. fast full frame FLIM), contrast agent development (e.g. encapsulation of nonlinear optical dyes), and new platform development (e.g. low-cost PCR thermal cyclers coupled with tunable laser spectroscopy for analysis).

In addition to tissue imaging and analysis technology, Prof. Howard's group explores hand-held optical cancer therapies in collaboration with Prof. Brad Smith, Department of Chemistry.

Relevant publications

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