Hsueh-Chia Chang

Hsueh-Chia Chang

Bayer Professor of Engineering

University of Notre Dame



Professor Hsueh-Chia Chang's group works on micro/nanofluidic technologies for vesicle purification, molecular sensing and exosome loading that can elevate cancer screening and therapy development.   The technologies they currently work on include fractionation/purification of biomarker nanocarriers (exosomes, ribonucleoproteins and lipoproteins);  multiplexed nanoporous membrane protein sensors,  solid-state nanopores for precise quantification of microRNA biomarkers, surface acoustic wave modules for reagent-free cell/vesicle lysing, non-optical real-time and isothermal replacement hybridization PCR, high-throughput  droplet microfluidics for digital PCR, conformal cell encapsulation and large-library organoid screening,  high-yield micro-filters for circulating tumor cells, nanoporous magnetic filters for pulling down nano-immunobeads and manufacturing strategies to integrate these technologies into functioning biochips for dedicated instruments. The emphasis is on low-cost, high-throughput and portable devices that can be used by lay people, without significant loss in yield, sensitivity and selectivity. Current applications are on screening diagnostics of various cancers, companion diagnostics for managing immune checkpoint immunotherapy and  harvesting, loading and screening therapeutic exosomes.

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