Sylwia Ptasinska

Laura Mortlock-McMinn | March 25, 2017


Sylwia Ptasinska has joined the editorial board of Plasma – open access journal, which is published quarterly online by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute).

MDPI publishes 160 diverse peer-reviewed, scientific, open access, electronic journals, including Molecules (launched in 1996; Impact Factor 2.465), the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (launched in 2000; Impact Factor 3.257), Sensors (launched in 2001; Impact Factor 2.033), Marine Drugs (launched in 2003; Impact Factor 3.345), Energies (launched in 2008; Impact Factor 2.077), the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (launched in 2004; Impact Factor 2.035), Viruses (launched in 2009; Impact Factor 3.042), Remote Sensing (launched in 2009; Impact Factor 3.036), Toxins (launched in 2009; Impact Factor 3.571) and Nutrients (launched in 2009; Impact Factor 3.759). 

This new journal, Plasma, is a cross-disciplinary scholarly journal of scientific studies related to all aspects of plasma science, such as plasma physics, plasma chemistry and space plasma. Topics also include experimental and theoretical results, and progress of interdisciplinary and application sciences in this field.

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Originally published by Daily Domer Staff at on March 25, 2017.