Research Day Poster Winners Announced!

Research Day t-shirt

The Harper Cancer Research Institute would like to congratulate the Poster Session winners of the 3rd Annual Research Day.


Undergraduate Students:

First Place:  Matthew Massana,  "Regulation of the Oncogene ZNF217 by Localization in Breast Cancer "   Authors: Matthew Messana, Megan Fabry, Chao Yang, Maggie Feighery, and Laurie Littlepage

Second Place:   Matthew Metzinger,  "Correlation of X-ray Computed Tomography with Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods for Pre-Clinical Measurement of Adipose Tissues in Living Mice"   Authors: Matthew Metzinger, Yueying Liu, W. Matthew Leevy and M. Sharon Stack

Third Place:  Christopher Tricarico,  "Regulation of Epithelial Glandular Architectures"   Authors:  Christopher Tricarico, James Clancy and Crislyn D’Souza-Schorey


Graduate students:

First Place:  Ali Raja,  "Deciphering the Role of MPS1 in the Regulation of Kinetochore Assembly"  Authors: A.Z. Raja, J. M. Kaneshiro, J. M. Kasuboski, P. S. Vaughan, K. T. Vaughan

Second Place:  Yuliya Klymenko, "Cadherin-Dependent Multicellular Aggregate Matrix Invasion Live Imaging"  Authors: Yuliya Klymenko, Oleg Kim, Mark Alber, and M. Sharon Stack

Third Place:  Lisa Cole, "Contrast-Enhanced Radiographic Imaging of Breast Microcalcifications In Vivo using Bisphosphonate-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles"  Authors: Lisa E. Cole, Tracy Vargo-Gogola, and Ryan K. Roeder 


Postdoctoral Fellows:

First Place:  Zdenek Slouka,  "Ion-exchange membrane based diagnostic platform for early oral cancer detection"  Authors:  Zdenek Slouka, Satyajoti Senapati, Hsueh-Chia Chang

Second Place:  Dorothy Ahlf, "Correlated Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Raman Spectroscopy for Oncology and Drug Resistance"  Authors:  Dorothy R. Ahlf, Amanda B. Hummon, and Paul W.  Bohn

Third Place:  Michael Handlogten,  "Liposomal Nanoparticles for Selective Anticancer Drug Delivery Targeting Vacuolar ATPase"  Authors:  Michael Handlogten, Jared Stefanick, Paul Helquist, V Jo Davisson, Rich Taylor, Olaf Wiest, and Basar Bilgicer


T-shirt design winner:

Elizabeth Loughran