Research Like A Champion Winners Announced

The Research Like a Champion contest winners were announced at the Third Annual Harper Cancer Research Day.


The big surprise on Research Day was that the benefactor, so impressed by the talented pool of applicants, decided to fund three projects instead of the one award as initially intended. 


The $12,500 prizes will provide support throughout the academic year and summer. Funding can be used to support summer student stipends, research supplies, and travel. Students presented their projects at Harper Cancer Research Day poster session.  

Applicants were required to have a mentor - ranging from University faculty or staff personnel, to outside corporate or physician. 


Cowdrick, Narciso, Kerper

The following teams were selected:

(1)   Kyle Cowdrick and Cody Narciso.  Mentors: Siyuan Zhang and Jeremiah Zartman

Multiplex-Lab-on-a-Chip (MLoC): High-Throughput Characterization of Breast Tumors and the 3D Microenvironment In Situ


(2)   Madeline Chandra, Diane Choi, and John Lee.  Mentors: Jenifer Prosperi and Patrick Sheets

Elucidating the Therapeutic Potential of Midbrain Pathways that Impact Breast Cancer Metastasis


(3)   Maggie Kerper.  Mentor: Laurie Littlepage

(Aggressive, lethal breast tumors of Kenyan cancer patients)