Professor Datta discusses brain tumor microenvironment research at NDnano network meeting

Meenal Datta

Meenal Datta, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering since fall 2021, presented an overview of her research at the NDnano networking lunch held December 20. Her talk at the NDnano gathering was titled “Abnormal mechanics in brain tumors: Implications for immunotherapy.”

Glioblastoma are the deadliest primary brain tumors in adults, despite the fact that aggressive treatments are available. Immunotherapy has not improved the treatment of these tumors as it has other types of cancers, and the tumor microenvironment may be largely responsible. Professor Datta gave an overview of her work to measure and better understand the effects of solid stress in and around the tumor and its potential effects on tumor therapies. She also discussed her lab’s efforts to understand and overcome abnormal “mechano-immunology” at multiple scales in a variety of cancers. The presentation was followed by an engaging question, answer, and discussion session with the meeting attendees.

To learn more about Professor Datta’s research, which focuses on uncovering the complexities and abnormalities of the tumor microenvironment and its role in cancer progression and treatment resistance, visit

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Originally published by NDnano Staff at on January 23, 2023.