Grad Student Helps Save Life

Kathy Borlik | May 14, 2017

Grad Student Donates Bone Marrow

Luis Miranda will be graduating next weekend with a master’s degree in peace studies from the University of Notre Dame. His hopes are to improve the world. And he did improve a small bit of it with a donation of bone marrow for Ezra Miller, 13, of Castle Rock, Colo.

Ezra was battling leukemia and his only hope was the transplant.

Luis had been put on the registry in 2008 in his hometown of Salt Lake City. All the members of his soccer team were part of a registry drive. And that’s as far as it went. “Frankly, I didn’t know much. There was a blood sample. That’s all. And I forgot about it.”

DKMS, the international nonprofit leading the fight against blood cancer, matched Ezra with Luis. “I got the phone call and said ‘Of course,’ ” Luis said.

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Originally published by Daily Domer Staff at on June 04, 2017.