HCRI Virtual Race

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The University of Notre Dame and the Harper Cancer Research Institute will host the Harper Virtual Race from January 28 - February 3, 2018. 

Instructions on entering your activity during the week of January 28 - February 3 will be sent out at a later date.During this week, we’re challenging you to step away from the screen and engage in any form of physical activity—running, walking, rowing, swimming—to help raise money for the research being done at Harper.

Thanks to gifts by the Walther Cancer Foundation and two generous Notre Dame families who have been touched by cancer, every dollar raised and mile (or mile equivalent) completed will be matched by $1 for HCRI! (e.g. Joe Domer registers for $20 and runs 7 miles in honor of Jane. Harper receives $27 in matching dollars in honor of Jane. Thus, the total of amount of money that goes to Harper is $20 + $27 = $47.)


Please join us in the race and help raise awareness and funds for HCRI by visiting and clicking:

  1. Donate to register
  2. Click “Next” on the Thank You page to create your “Runner” page
  3. Create a Team, or choose to join the Stack Lab
  4. Customize your page by saying why you and your team are racing
  5. Share with others!

Also encourage your family and friends to join the race as well!


Every $10,000 raised is the equivalent of funding two student researchers for one summer. 

Things to remember:

  1. 100% of donations go to the Harper Cancer Research Institute
  2. Every dollar donated is matched by the Walther Cancer Foundation (Your $20 = $40 for Harper Cancer)
  3. Every mile (or mile equivalent) completed and logged on this site from January 28 - February 3 is matched by $1 to Harper Cancer 

Thanks to the Walther Cancer Foundation and two generous Notre Dame families for providing the matching $! 


How do I sign up? Visit and click donate. In the confirmation email you will have the ability to create your own page and join/create a team!

How do I log my activity? On January 28 you will be sent a link via email. On this site you will be able to log your miles and track our progress towards 10,000 miles!

I've signed up but can't figure out how to join a team. Navigate to your personal page (the one you created through the form following your donation). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Edit" on the bottom right corner. From here you can further customize your page and join or create a team.

I don't run. Can I still participate? Yes! All activity will count. Run, walk, bike, swim, row, etc. The week of January 28 you will be able to log your miles on this site. Prefer yoga, weight lifting, or some other activity? You can participate too! The form will include dozens of activities and provide mile equivalents for exercise.